Small details for your work

When work is done either sewing or knitting with a crochet or knitting needles a unique and original work is done. It does not matter that you follow a created template that anyone can imitate, each result will be unique if you take care of the small details that make it an original and very personal creation.

The textile ribbons are one of the factors that help to create personalized tasks. Today there are in all colors and with all kinds of patterns and finishes, so you have to break with old schemes. There is no need to think about the old ribbons and bows that were put on baby clothes and that in many cases today are corny, but you have to imagine beautiful ribbons with all kinds of decorative drawings, including franchises, which help to give a touch of color and originality.

The same goes for embroidery. There is no reason to think about the old motifs, always inspired by flowers and leaves as if there were no other objects to embroider. Now, the embroidery is much more modern and the colors that are used are also different. The results obtained are much more modern and undoubtedly convince the new generations. A very clear example we have in the Mexican calaveritas, also called catrinas, which are so fashionable now and that can be seen embroidered on many denim garments.

Felt is very fashionable, can be combined with other materials and allows all kinds of brooches and ornaments for clothing. As it is in all colors, there are no limits to imagine all kinds of felt details for your work. Even making brooches of this material is already a task in itself. The felt can be combined with other materials, such as colored plastic buttons, which also give a lot of play to make decorations in work.

New materials such as the trapillo also allow to vary the type of work that is carried out or create baskets to place all the elements of work. A detail that provides order and that is very original. The trapillo gives a lot of play to those who enjoy the work because with this material you can make bags and even carpets in a very short time as it is woven fairly quickly.